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To Participate In A Wedding Of One Friend

A few weeks ago I had been in prior noticed that the wedding of my friend who is currently working in Shanghai would be taken on the 19th this month. He said that he would send me an invitation (but he did not subsequently send. I had been waiting a long time thinking that the letter was lost.). I told him my address in detail. I thought the wedding was taken in Shanghai, but in fact it was not which I knew a few days before the wedding. However, on the 19th afternoon there was a bus from Shanghai there. I intended to go to Shanghai first, and took the bus with other people in Shanghai. As to whether or not I would return to Shanghai overnight with others and then directly went back, I had not decided before thinking that I would make the final decision according to specific circumstances.


On early 19th I arrived at the railway station by bus. The most recent train to Shanghai was at 9 o’clock. So I waited in the waiting room for more than an hour. Fortunately the train was not late and got to Shanghai at noon. It was still early. I went to see another friend in Shanghai to mix up the lunch. However, time became tense. I quickly contacted with the driver and fortunately, the bus began to move at most half an hour delay. Finally, I was very nervous to arrive ahead of a few minutes. Sitting in the bus for more than two hours, I might have sickness with stomach uncomfortable. Fortunately it slowly restored.


There was a very luxurious hotel when we got to the destination. Wedding cars did not come yet and we waited for them sitting in the hall. There were several people there getting together with playing poker. I touched with another friend there and called him to participate in the wedding together with me. Finally a seat was specially left for him beside me. After the bride and groom arrived, we focused all attention on them and took photos with them. After all the guests sat down the wedding formally started.


In the wedding, I saw the best local master of ceremonies presiding over the wedding. Provincial circus performers and local singers were specially invited to perform magic, acrobatics and singing. The whole wedding was very grand and lively with an active atmosphere. Because I ate much at noon, I did not eat much on dinner. My friend and I played the knot of the ropes for one magic. There were the award-winning acrobatic performances of two young performers, as well as the Sichuan Opera Face finale performances. In short, the entire wedding was continuously wonderful.


After the wedding, I did not take the bus back to Shanghai. The friend took the arrangement for me to live there for the night. Because it was a little earlier, we went to a KTV to sing for about 3 hours. I sang some old songs I can almost sing. I was really excited on that day. We had not seen for seven years and should have had a good chat after we met. But unfortunately time constrained and he would have to go to work the next day. I also dreaded to give him trouble and left away yesterday. I finally returned to school after standing for several hours last night.




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